Te Amo

Te Amo cigars are the world’s most recognized brand. This affordable puro (meaning that it’s made with only Mexican tobaccos) has always had a fiercely loyal smoking public, crowning it the undisputed king of Mexican cigars.

Packed like a rock and yet offering the perfect draw due to its expert craftsmanship. The classic Te-Amo’s tobaccos are grown in Mexico’s ultra-fertile San Andres Valley, and impart an extremely woodsy flavor with deep notes of leather and spice. Unfortunately, Te-Amo is the victim of many a bad review over the last few years. Pure Mexican tobacco has a distinctive earthy, robust edge that has scared off many smokers from even giving them a chance. However, today there are two lines of Te-Amo that are putting a new spin on this conservative no-frills brand. The Te-Amo World is a series of cigars magnificent selection featuring leaf from the world’s premier tobacco-growing nations. Each style of these rare and unique smokes is crafted in San Andrés, Mexico, and boasts its own distinctive flavor and character. In addition, the company has now realized there is a new generation of smokers looking for new Te Amo Mexican and Dominican blends. Not to be left of this new trend, they have ventured into new territory with the Te-Amo Revolution. This gorgeous oval shaped boutique style cigar is chock-full of rich earthy flavors that are sure to appeal to the modern smoker. We think it may be time for you to rediscover this great old brand

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